About IVE

A Rock Solid Company, Superbly Resourced and at the Forefront of the Industry

IVE Has Earned the Unerring Trust and Respect of many of New Zealand's most Iconic Industrial Organisations

History - Over 30 years outstanding performance

"IVE's first workshop opened in Tokoroa in 1976"

IVE opened its first workshop in Tokoroa in 1976 with the clear purpose of providing a superior service for the reconditioning and testing of industrial valves, initially targeted at the region's thriving Pulp and Paper industry.

"A reputation for excellence and for delivering on promises"

The fledgling family owned company soon began to grow based on delivering the highest standard of workmanship, attention to the smallest detail and an unshakable ability to meet deadlines. Customers soon got to know that 'IVE's word was its bond'. It always delivered on its promises. It still does.

"Opened workshops and test labs in New Plymouth and Christchurch"

The company expanded it's horizons by servicing other industries including Dairy, Food Processing, Power Generation, Process Manufacturing, Petrochemical and many others. This growth was accompanied by the establishment of a second test laboratory in New Plymouth followed by a further workshop and laboratory in Christchurch to service South Island customers.

"Growth through performance in the most demanding industries"

IVE's history is representative of a dedicated service organisation, operating in some of New Zealand's most demanding industries, inexorably growing and developing its resources to successfully meet every new challenge and gaining the trust and respect of its customers along the way. It's a history we're proud of.

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