About IVE

A Rock Solid Company, Superbly Resourced and at the Forefront of the Industry

IVE Has Earned the Unerring Trust and Respect of many of New Zealand's most Iconic Industrial Organisations

How we work with Customers - By listening, by communicating and by continuing to communicate

"We take nothing for granted.
We ask."

Sounds simple. Yet when you think about it, mis-communication is the root cause of so many problems. That's why we go to so much trouble to instil listening and communication skills in our team. We take nothing for granted, we ask. The stakes are too high for assumptions.

"Each customer, project and operation is unique."

We treat each customer, project and operation as unique. There's no room for a 'one size fits all' approach. Only when we have a full understanding of your requirements and expectations do we start planning for the job at hand and scheduling the right resources for the work.

"Following proven procedures means work is carried out safely, effectively and efficiently."

IVE's team of highly trained specialists apply their skills and experience to deliver you a superb standard of workmanship. Under strict control, they follow well proven procedures to ensure all work is carried out safely, effectively and efficiently. Yet they're flexible enough to be able to respond to changing situations if the need arises.

"We aim not only to meet customer expectations, but to exceed them."

Our aim is to deliver you a service that maximises valve life, improves valve performance and reduces downtime, all for minimal cost, In short, to meet all your expectations and where possible, to exceed them. Doing so on an ongoing basis has allowed us to develop close relationships with our customers. Relationships built on trust.

"An intimate knowledge of plant and processes."

The average tenure of the majority of our staff exceeds nine years. A fact not overlooked by many of IVE's customers who have come to rely on people who are not only highly skilled, but who also have an intimate knowledge of their particular plant and processes.

"We're good listeners and good communicators."

Effective listening and ongoing communications is the key to working in a truly collaborative manner. You'll find the team at IVE to be very competent in both.

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