About IVE

A Rock Solid Company, Superbly Resourced and at the Forefront of the Industry

IVE Has Earned the Unerring Trust and Respect of many of New Zealand's most Iconic Industrial Organisations

Human Resources - Highly Trained, Experienced, Skilled and Dedicated. Simply the Best.

"Competence, work ethic
and attitude."

At IVE we're justifiably proud of our team. Their competence, work ethic and attitude is obvious to anyone who's seen them at work. We frequently get complimentary remarks from customers, particularly about the high standard of workmanship.

"Ongoing training and development are part of
IVE's culture."

IVE has the distinction of having more trained Valve Technicians than any other service provider in New Zealand. Not by good fortune, but by good planning. Each of our Valve Technicians started as a qualified tradesman and progressed to their current role after successfully completing a rigorous two year training programme. In fact, an ongoing training and development culture is an integral part of the IVE operation across the board.

"Seamless interaction of the team."

But this business isn't just about Valve Technicians. It's also about great support staff, skilled lab technicians and professional managers. Each doing their part to provide a seamless and complete valve refurbishment service. A service that can be totally relied upon. No ifs, buts or maybes.

"Access to a contract labour pool of over 600 personnel."

Then there's our contract labour force, drawn from a database of over 600 personnel, and repeatedly drafted in to assist with some of New Zealand's largest shutdowns. Tradesmen, fitters, boilermakers, assistants, forklift and site transport drivers, casual labour, data entry personnel and door watchers. You name it, we've got it.

"A team to be proud of, achievements to be proud of."

We're proud of our team and of their superb standard of workmanship. We're also proud of their collective achievements which include:

• Every call-out relating to a plant failure has been promptly actioned
• Not one inline valve failure resulting in a loss of production
• No IVE personnel has ever caused a plant failure
• Not a single major injury in over 30 years of operation

"Most IVE staff are long term, average employment around
10 years."

At IVE we fully understand the need to attract and retain the very best people in the industry. We work hard to achieve this and we're pleased to say that apart from a few more recent appointments, staff retention sits at an enviable 9.8 years, an excellent attribute for enhanced customer relations and continuity of plant knowledge.

"Standards are maintained at the highest level."

Our team continues to expand to meet demand and with ongoing rigorous training and adherence to stringent systems and procedures, standards have been maintained at the very highest level.

"We eat, sleep and breathe
valve refurbishment."

The team at IVE eat, sleep and breathe valve refurbishment. So when you're prepared to settle for only the best, give the team at IVE a call. You'll be glad you did.

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