Service Overview

Any Type of Industrial Valve. Any Brand. Any Size. Any Requirement.

IVE will do the job to the highest standard and get it right, first time, on time

"We've serviced more industrial valves than any other service provider in NZ."

If it's anything to do with industrial valve refurbishment, you can rest assured… we do it! It's the entire focus of our business and it's a business we're proud of. In over three decades of operation we've serviced and maintained more valves than any other service provider in New Zealand. We're proud of that too.

"IVE is the preferred service provider of many of NZ's most prolific companies."

No one else in New Zealand has the same depth of facilities, technology, specialist personnel or scope of accreditations and approvals. Not even close. That's why we're the preferred service provider for so many organizations in New Zealand, including many of the most prolific.

Our extensive range of services can be briefly summarised as follows:

Valve Refurbishment

"Our resources are without equal in the industry."

Our resources for valve refurbishment are without equal in the industry. We have the latest technology diagnostic equipment for inline testing, fully equipped labs and workshops and a team of highly skilled, experienced Valve Technicians and support personnel.

"Approved procedures for every aspect of the testing and refurbishment process."

IVE is the only company in New Zealand that has ISO 9001: 2015 and Laboratory Accreditation specifically designed for valve management. Standards and systems are built into highly defined work procedures for every aspect of the testing and refurbishment process.

"Every valve refurbished is fully certified and guaranteed."

Every valve tested and refurbished is also issued with a full test certificate and the service history of every uniquely numbered valve is held on our database. Such information is typically used to develop a maintenance schedule to maximise valve performance and life. On occasion, when a valve is deemed beyond economic repair, we can also procure a new replacement valve upon approval to do so.

Rapid Breakdown Service

"Our highest priority is valve failure that stops production."

We understand the need for rapid response when a valve unexpectedly fails in operation. We know the order of costs that can be involved when processes and production stops. Our priority is to solve the problem quickly and safely and to get the plant back into full operation.

"IVE's rapid breakdown service is second-to-none."

Every call-out to IVE concerning a plant failure is given the highest priority and promptly actioned. And in this regard we have an unblemished record.

"Skilled personnel available 24/7."

Our skilled personnel, available 24/7 and supported by leading edge diagnostics and specialist equipment, are experienced in dealing with breakdowns and in working calmly and efficiently when the heat is on.

It may not be possible to totally eliminate breakdowns. But it is possible to minimise the effects.

Predictive / Preventative Maintenance

"A thorough understanding is the start point."

The basis of any predictive / preventative maintenance programme is a thorough understanding of the condition, performance requirements, operating environment and service history of every valve.

"State-of-the-art diagnostic technology eliminates the guesswork."

That's why we use high technology equipment such as BenchMark, Ultralift and PreVenTest to test and diagnose valves inline. Through the application of such diagnostics we can precisely identify which valves will be in need of repair, when, and to what extent.

"Lower costs, improved plant

The benefits of an effective predictive / preventative maintenance programme are widely appreciated. Preventing failures before they happen, improving valve life and performance and eliminating unnecessary work. It all adds up to lower overall operational costs and a plant that achieves the maximum possible up-time.

Shut Down Service

"A reputation for consistently meeting critical start-up deadlines."

Playing a vital role in planned shutdowns is one of IVE's most widely recognised attributes. We're well known for having been involved in many of New Zealand's largest shutdowns and for meeting critical start-up deadlines.

"Meticulous planning with nothing left to chance."

Our team works very closely with customers to meticulously plan and execute work during shutdowns. Nothing is left to chance. And our Valve Technicians, support staff, contract labour, supervisors and managers work as a cohesive unit to get the job done to the highest standard, on time, every time.

"Planning and integration akin to a military operation."

Plant shutdowns are often complex undertakings requiring significant resources, highly detailed planning and integration akin to a military operation. And that's exactly what IVE has to offer.

Whatever the job, if it's to do with industrial valves, you can rely on IVE with total confidence.

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