About IVE

A Rock Solid Company, Superbly Resourced and at the Forefront of the Industry

IVE Has Earned the Unerring Trust and Respect of many of New Zealand's most Iconic Industrial Organisations

Services - A Total Industrial Valve Maintenance Service. No Exceptions.

"Any job, no matter how complex or how large."

Customers who have come to know IVE well, understand that whatever valve related problem or project they have, we can take care of it and do so to an exceptional standard. They appreciate our competence, ability and commitment to overhaul any valve or undertake any project. No matter how complex or how large.

"Specialists in mechanical and electrical refurbishment."

Refurbishing valves is the mainstay of our business. We are specialists in the mechanical and electrical overhaul of control valves and the refurbishment of hand valves, safety valves and every other type of industrial valve you can think of. This is where IVE has built its reputation for the highest quality workmanship and on time delivery.

"24/7 rapid breakdown service."

IVE offers a 24/7 breakdown service to rapidly attend the unexpected, especially when a valve failure results in loss of production. Our experienced Valve Technicians will get there fast. They know what's at stake.

"Fully equipped with leading edge inline diagnostic devices."

They're also fully equipped with the latest technology diagnostic tools to quickly analyse the problem and prescribe the solution. Then they do whatever's necessary to resolve the problem at hand and to get the plant up and running again in the shortest possible time.

"Cost efficient, predictive / preventative maintenance."

Through the use of sophisticated diagnostic and testing equipment we are also able to determine the precise condition of every valve and from this to develop customised and cost efficient predictive / preventative maintenance programmes designed to maximise plant up-time and to eliminate unnecessary work.

"Unparalleled experience and expertise in shut downs."

Participation in planned shutdowns is another key aspect of IVE's business for which we are widely known and respected. We can bring unparalleled expertise and resources to planned shutdowns. In some of the larger shutdowns it's not uncommon for us to have literally hundreds of contract labour personnel to support our own staff on site, all working to plan in a highly co-ordinated and effective manner.

"A reputation for continually meeting deadlines."

And as always, meeting deadlines and start-up times is critical. An issue we take very seriously. Our track record in shutdown performance shows we continually meet deadlines and start-up schedules. That's why we're retained year after year by many of New Zealand's largest organisations. Because we deliver on our commitments.

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