About IVE

A Rock Solid Company, Superbly Resourced and at the Forefront of the Industry

IVE Has Earned the Unerring Trust and Respect of many of New Zealand's most Iconic Industrial Organisations

Systems, Standards and Accreditations - Setting the Standard in the Industry

"The framework around which our business is built."

The backbone of the industrial valve refurbishment industry is made up of the systems, standards and accreditations which apply to it. At IVE, we take such things very seriously. They provide the framework around which our business is built.

"Come and see for yourself.
Seeing is believing."

Only a visit to one of our facilities will reveal the full extent of our procedures and systems and allow you to see our standards brought to life in daily operation. That's why we're always willing and eager to organise a customer tour for you. Seeing really is believing. As a brief overview, following is just a sample of the systems, standards and accreditations which help us manage a business you can truly depend on.

Quality Systems

"A quality management system with nothing left to chance."

IVE is fully accredited to IS09001:2015 and IS0/IEC/17025:2018. Our quality management system has been specifically built around these standards and includes a QA manual, worksheet manual and installation manual.

Laboratories and Workshops

"NZ's only facilities approved to test up to 10,000 psi."

Our labs and workshops are fully accredited to IS09001:2015 and NZS/IS0/IEC:17025:2018 including mechanical testing and pressure testing up to 10,000psi.

Valve Management and Refurbishment Systems

"Systems designed around IS09001:2015 specifically for the valve industry."

Every aspect of the valve refurbishment process is systemised. From inline and lab testing, through diagnosis, mechanical and electrical refurbishment, database management and reporting to certification. Our IS09001:2015 compliant management system has been specifically designed for the valve industry.

Training Standards

"Approved training and qualifications for Technicians and Apprentices."

IVE works in very close association with NZTA to create industry relevant training programmes and qualifications for specialist Technicians and Apprentices. We are determined to maintain the supply of skilled, qualified people to meet the ongoing demands of industry.

Manufacturers Approvals

"Access to all industrial valve manufacturers."

We have Approved Service Centre Status with many leading valve manufacturers including Masterflow, Farris, Velan, Birkett, Alfa Laval, Piebevesse and Barber. Our access to information, spares and replacement valves extends well beyond this.

Safety Standards

"Fully compliant with ACC WSMP. No major accidents in over
30 years."

IVE complies with the standards laid out in the ACC Workplace Safety Management Practices, Secondary Level. Our safety performance is second to none with not one major injury having been incurred in over 30 years in business.


"IVE is independently audited annually."

Our facilities are audited annually by SGS Certification & Business Enhancement, IANZ and The Department of Labour. Such audits are welcomed by IVE as an essential part of maintaining the exacting standards required in the industry.

Meeting standards is just the beginning. Exceeding them has always been our challenge.

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