Technology Advantage

State of the Art Technology isn't an option. It's an absolute necessity

IVE's Technology and Equipment Portfolio is Simply Second to None in the Industry

"IVE's technology keeps it at the leading edge."

It goes without saying that our workshops and test laboratories are equipped to the highest standard with the latest plant and equipment necessary for the refurbishment of industrial valves. What may not be so obvious is that most of our technology is unique in New Zealand. This, combined with a policy of ongoing investment in technology, continually keeps IVE at the leading edge of the business.

Advanced diagnostic technology, the basis of effective predictive / preventive maintenance.

Application of the latest diagnostic technology allows us to lead the way in terms of predictive / preventative maintenance. The days of blindly pulling and overhauling valves are long gone. This can not only be a waste of time and money, it may actually exacerbate the situation.

"Diagnostic technology eliminates guesswork."

Diagnostic technology eliminates the guesswork. Through the application of sophisticated valve diagnostics we can devise a predictive / preventative maintenance programme that clarifies which valves need repair in order to prevent breakdown and accurately identifies the precise maintenance work required.

"New technology facilitates electronic communications."

New technology also means you can communicate with us electronically, even sending images of valve problems so rectification work can be discussed and decisions made without the necessity of a site visit in time critical situations. You can be totally confident that all your valves will be returned to specified performance levels, or replaced if deemed beyond economic repair.

"No unnecessary work, no wasted resources."

IVE's state of the art diagnostic tools means no valves are unnecessarily pulled, less waste of maintenance resources and increased plant up-time.

BenchMark - For Inline Control Valve Diagnosis

"BenchMark, the most sophisticated device on the market."

The latest technology inline diagnostic tool for air-operated control valves, suitable for testing both analog and digital type valves, is the most sophisticated device in the market.

Features include:

• Tests all manufacturers' AVO's
• Customised pass / fail performance standards
• Includes 28 standard tests
• Provides easily interpreted test results
• Incorporates complete data management and automatic reports

"Benchmark eliminates this unknown."

BenchMark eliminates the unknown. It tells us the precise condition of each control valve and prescribes an appropriate solution. And at IVE we have all the facilities and resources to provide mechanical and electrical overhaul, inline testing, calibration and set up. A fully comprehensive service from beginning to end.

Ultralift - For Inline Pressure Relief Valve Testing

"Ultralift for state-of-the-art testing and calibration of pressure relief valves."

IVE uses Ultralift, a state of the art system for providing inline testing and calibration of pressure relief valves. It quickly and clearly identifies which valves are in need of repair and eliminates the need to over pressurise the system to check relief valves on start up.

Features include:

• Rapid identification of under performing valves
• Eliminates the need to 'gag' other pressure relief valves set at different pressures on the
   same line
• Valve operation remains fully functional during all testing stages
• After testing, assists in re-closing using safe force levels to prevent damage
• Full test reports are immediately available

"Prevents breakdowns, saves time and money."

Ultralift is an indispensable tool for the accurate and comprehensive testing of pressure relief valves. It assists us to prevent breakdown, to save time and money and to ensure valuable resources are applied where they're most needed.

PreVenTest - For Inline Safety Valve Testing

"PreVenTest, an advanced tool for testing safety valves."

Scheduled testing of safety valves is critical to ensure they will continue to perform their function, to protect life and property. That's where PreVenTest comes in. A proven testing device that subjects safety valves to full operating conditions and to test the performance of the valves without interrupting or shutting down the operation.

Features include:

• Fast set up and rapid test time
• Test results provided in data and graphics with zoom-in facility
• Full valve management records, intuitively accessed
• Automatic Report Generation complete with problem solving information

"No plant shutdowns, no loss of productivity."

Ultralift is an indispensable tool for the accurate and comprehensive testing of pressure relief valves. It assists us to prevent breakdown, to save time and money and to ensure valuable resources are applied where they're most needed.

World class technology. No guesswork. No substitute.

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