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Technology Resources - Leading Edge Technology that helps to keep us out in front

"Much of our technology is
unique in NZ."

IVE has long been an advocate for the use of technology in the field, in the lab and in the workshop. We've invested heavily in the most up to date technology available, specifically designed for the valve industry, and we'll continue to do so. And much of this specialised equipment we use on a daily basis is unique in New Zealand. This is one of the reasons why we continue to lead the market. Technology is part of the fabric of our business.

In the discipline of valve diagnosis and testing, IVE primarily uses three sophisticated tools:

"Benchmark, sophisticated inline diagnostics for control valves."

BenchMark is used for inline control valve diagnosis. The device includes a multitude of standard tests including tests against all manufacturers AVO's and customisable pass / fail standards. Data management and detailed reporting are standard.

"Ultralift, state of this art incline diagnostics for pressure
relief valves."

Ultralift facilitates inline testing and calibration of pressure relief valves. This device permits rapid identification of under performing valves without the need to 'gag' other pressure relief valves set at different pressures on the same line. Full test reports are a standard function.

"PreVenTest, leading edge diagnostics for safety valves."

PreVenTest is a device used for testing safety valves. PreVenTest subjects safety valves to full operating conditions and tests the performance of valves without the need to shut down the operation. Test results are in data and graphic form and the device automatically generates a test report.

"Technology that removes guesswork."

IVE's state of the art diagnostic and testing equipment eliminates guesswork. Valves in need of maintenance are quickly identified and repairs necessary are accurately identified. This can also help us to devise a customised predictive / preventive maintenance programme to increase plant up time.

IVE also makes use of a workshop based Ventil Test Unit for testing pressure safety valves, as well as a number of additional custom built test rigs.

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