Testing & Certification

Every Refurbished Valve is Comprehensively Tested, Certified and Fully Guaranteed

IVE Takes Full Responsibility and is Totally Accountable, From Beginning to End

"Unique accreditation to test valves up to 10,000 psi."

IVE employs the very latest technology equipment to diagnose and test valves, much of which is unique in New Zealand, as is our singular capability of testing valves up to 10,000psi. We have come to fully trust and rely on diagnostic and testing equipment such as:

• BenchMark for inline control valve diagnosis
• Ultralift for inline pressure relief valve testing
• PreVenTest for inline safety valve testing
• Ventil pressure safety valve testing

"Our diagnostic tools remove
any uncertainty."

Each of these sophisticated, state of the art tools takes the uncertainty away from valve overhaul, and accurately identifies which valves need refurbishment and which are best left alone.

"All testing procedures comply with IEC 17025 standards."

The condition of every valve is precisely determined and measured against agreed specification parameters. In addition, prescribed refurbishment solutions may also be produced. All testing procedures meet with internationally approved IEC 17025 standards.

"Approved signatories authorise every certification."

All test results are recorded by an approved signatory and as every valve tested and overhauled is stamped with a unique number, service history is readily accessible. And as you would expect a full test certificate is issued with every valve tested and overhauled.

At IVE we refurbish valves to the highest standard. But we don't use guesswork. State of the art diagnosis and rigorous testing, superb workmanship and qualified certification. We complete the loop which means you can relax. Hassle free.

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