Valves Serviced

IVE Has Refurbished Just About Every Type of Industrial Valve Imaginable

From Relative 'Minnows' to Massive 10 tonne Valves. No Problem.

"Every make, every application , every size."

During 30 years of dedicated service to a multitude of industries, we've repaired and refurbished virtually every type of industrial valve you can think of. Every make, every application, every size. All the way up to massive 10 tonne ball valves for offshore petrochemical installations.

"Control valves, hand valves, pressure safety valves and we don't stop there."

While it's fair to say that through demand, the majority of work we carry out is on control valves (with mechanical, electrical overhaul, calibration and set-up), hand valves and pressure safety valves of all kinds, this by no means represents our full capability.

"No exceptions, no provisos."

Whatever the valve, whatever the brand, IVE can fully refurbish, test, certify and install. No exceptions, no provisos. Just an extensive capability that's without equal in New Zealand.

"New valve replacement service available."

And for those occasions when a valve is deemed to be 'beyond economical repair', our relationships with manufacturers allows us to procure any new replacements required.

If it's here, we'll repair it. If it's not here, we'll still repair it!

• Control Valves
• Hand Valves
• Pressure Safety Valves
• Pressure Relief Valves
• Pressure Reducing Valves
• Ball Valves
• Gate Valves
• Globe Valves
• Parallel Slide Valves
• Knife Gate Valves
• Spade Valves
• Tapered Plug Valves
• Choke Valves
• Boiler Valves
• Process Valves
• Eccentric Disc Valves
• Oxygen Service Valves
• Refrigeration Safety Valves

Every brand, type and size of valve. No problems. Only solutions.

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